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Explore one of the largest known lava ice caves in the state with Shoshone Ice Caves Idaho. We’re proud to offer fun and educational tours to the Shoshone Ice Caves with trained experts as your guide. They will accompany you on the tour and explain the historical, geological, and volcanic background of this magnificent landform. Discover a wonderful world of lava and ice wonders with us!

Professionally Guided Cave Tours

Our tour will take you on a gradual descent to the cave, traversing a historic path to a depth of 100 feet under lava. Taking pictures is allowed and visitors are encouraged to bring light jackets to protect them from the cold. Due to the number of stairs, the tour may not be accessible to those who use wheelchairs or strollers.

Other Popular Attractions

Aside from the ice cave, we also have other attractions. We have a 30-foot-high, 10-ton statue of Chief Washakie, a noted chief of the Shoshone Tribe. Our large, green dinosaur, Dino, is also famous among visitors and has become a local icon.

If you're done taking pictures of those attractions, you may opt to roam around our rock and artifact museum that tourists can visit for free. You can also relax at our picnic area or buy souvenirs at our gift shop.

Ice Cave

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